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Thanks {{answer_VXz4Ze1wZ6Vz}}.

Due to incredibly high demand, our offer for a free world cup wall chart is now over. But fear not, you can download your own and print it out along with a sweepstake sheet.

We are also happy to offer you a voucher code which can be used on our website, which will give you £20 off when you spend £100


Thank you for your interest.

We would be more than happy for you to complete the survey, but you might not get a wall chart.

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Sorry, this free world cup wall chart offer is a legitimate business promotion, to customers and known contacts of Face Media Group, a national UK based print company.

It was never intended to be circulated on various 'freebie' websites.

Sorry {{answer_VXz4Ze1wZ6Vz}}. But you can download a version here (and print it off) -

Great, just checking... Ok, {{answer_VXz4Ze1wZ6Vz}} - {{answer_VXz4Ze1wZ6Vz}} what? *

What's your last name please?
Ok {{answer_VXz4Ze1wZ6Vz}}, how far do you think England will get in this years World Cup?

Hmm, we'll see. Now for some print related questions.
How often do you buy print?

What print do you buy?

How much do you spend on print annually?

Which other companies do you buy print from?

Ok, thanks {{answer_VXz4Ze1wZ6Vz}} and what does your business do? *

ie. Estate Agent, Soilicitor, Florist etc.
How would you rate your experience of Face Media Group?

Sorry {{answer_VXz4Ze1wZ6Vz}}, That's not right, maybe you could tell me what happened and I'll get that looked into?

Brilliant. And what's the name of your business? *

If we had some left, where would you like your Worldcup Wallchart sent? *

Full postal address please. (And if we do have any left, we might pop it in the post to you).
One last 'football' related question for you {{answer_VXz4Ze1wZ6Vz}}. After England's inevitable demise, who will you be rooting for to lift the World Cup this year?

{{answer_naGaZMyW5Auq}}, are you mad!!!
Ok, we are done. Thanks {{answer_VXz4Ze1wZ6Vz}}.

We will be in touch very soon. Thank you for completing this form, we trust it wasn't too complicated.

Thank you {{answer_VXz4Ze1wZ6Vz}}. As we said at the beginning of this survey, it's closed, but thank you for completing it regardless. If we do have any Worldcup Wallcharts left, we'll get it packed up and posted out to you ASAP.
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